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Get your custom tattoo in seconds!

Looking for a fun and easy way to add some excitement to your look? Check out our Tattoo Printer! With our Tattoo Printer, you can create custom temporary tattoos in seconds, without the need for a tattoo artist. Simply choose your design, select the size and location on your body, and print! Our Tattoo Printer uses premium cosmetic black ink that is safe for all skin types and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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🖨 Tattoo Printer 
Finger Mouse is the world’s first wireless wearable finger mouse that is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0.

Looking for a way to use your smartphone, laptop or desktop without having to use a traditional mouse? Look no further than the Finger Mouse! This wireless, wearable mouse is perfect for anyone who wants to be more productive on their devices.

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🖱 Finger Mouse 
The Under-Desk Wireless Phone Charger You Didn’t Know You Needed.

This Phone Charger is a new and innovative way to charge your devices. Using the latest in Qi wireless charging technology, an invisible charger lets you charge your devices without the need for cords or plugs.

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📳 Invisible Charger
The Easy Way to Access Your Roof

Looking for an easy way to access your car roof? This gadget is the answer! The portable doorstep supports both feet, making it easy and safe to access the roof of your vehicle.

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🚙 Door Step
No More Filthy Hands At The Pump!


Looking for a way to protect your hands from filthy gas pump handles and keypads? Look no further than this Gas Pump gadget. This reusable fueling glove attaches with magnets inside your gas tank and is easy to install.
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⛽ Gas Pump Pal

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